Modern technology and digitalization are prevailing in the world through innovative ideas and modern solutions based on the revolutionary change brought by blockchain technology. Deep Roots is an innovative platform based on Blockchain’s latest and novel technology. With the help of artificial Intelligence, Deep Roots Blockchain provides state-of-the-art and intelligent solutions to the users and investors of every social class from any part of the world. Deep Roots AI helps the world to make impossible problems into a possible solution. The world has grown wider in every aspect of life and business, further divided into bundles of branches and departments and Deep Roots wants to make it easy to handle. It requires many people to manage such huge and grand infrastructures and different departments within a business, but Deep Roots AI will help to reduce it to a minimum.

Businesses require the latest technology to save capital and costs and gain more advantages. Deep Roots Brings Modern solutions based on artificial intelligence to solve the business’s problems, whether small, Medium enterprises, or big firms.

Deep Roots’ Offix is an intelligent solution-based decentralized application (dApp) that will help all kinds of businesses in their different tasks and activities. Offix, based on Deep Roots AI, will help the business to reduce human efforts and bring perfectness in the ways of conduct of human beings. Deep Roots will help to ensure that all the activities are conducted online, but humans have to give commands and operate them for every task. But with the Offix dApp, the business will be able to get intelligent solutions in their daily tasks through the use of Deep Roots Blockchain’s solutions. Deep Roots blockchain offix is an intelligence solution that will help to make all the daily chores in the business office, which will help to achieve more productivity and outcome.

Using AI to automate basic administrative operations can save businesses $7 billion in 18 months, or the equivalent of $1.5 million in operational revenue for every 100 full-time employees. The results of a poll conducted in 2021 reveal that the use of artificial intelligence in company operations is continuing to rise: 56% of respondents report using AI in at least one function, up from 50% in 2020. Even though AI can automate labor-intensive operations, it can simultaneously lower labor costs and improve quality. As the cost of AI decreases and the return on investment becomes clearer, an increasing number of businesses are integrating the technology into various use cases.

 In order to give the user what they need at the time they need it, Deep Roots is attempting to include everything it knows about the customer, the customer’s demands, the solutions, and the competition. The users will employ this in their emails, where the Deep Roots’ AI will receive and respond to the emails as per the needs and requirements of the situation. They will be able to send a text to their clients and make business calls as per the schedules.

The Offix AI will help the HRM arrange meetings and hire staff to get a better experience and save time and money using Deep Roots Blockchain and Tree Chain technology. Businesses will get help by sending AI-based emails, Text, calls, videos, sharing, group meetings, index systems, tasks, storage, projects, and maneuvers. This will help to ensure a better experience and customer retention to strengthen and expand the business through Deep Roots Token. It propositions HR, multilevel management, presentation, and additional capabilities through its competitive technology

Offix Project


  • Decentralized finance
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • NFT
  • Transaction
  • Supply chain


Deep Roots eliminates centralized organization access to the backend while using a dApp. This differs from a typical app, where the entire service is managed by a single organization using centralized servers. Instead, the smart contract (also known as the backend) that drives those apps resides on the many computer nodes that make up the Blockchain. The logic that controls how dApps operate is stored in smart contracts.


With Deep Roots, Organizations can design more or less monitoring capabilities that have the ability to alert them to issues, recommend actions, and, in some situations, even start a response due to dApps’ capacity to take in and process immense amounts of data in real-time.


When the Deep Roots management system incorporates Intelligence solutions to issues, they can expect a reduction in errors as well as a higher adherence to accepted standards.


Many administrative problems that businesses face every day can be resolved with dApps. Adopting an unstable mechanism to handle claims can encourage simpler contracts, quicker payouts, and satisfied people. Similarly, businesses can receive payment for services more quickly.

Deep Roots AI-based Offix will solve the different business issues and properly use the technology in their operations and daily tasks. The discussion above shows that Deep Roots Token is a competitive blockchain technology with AI-based solutions, specifically Offix for business solutions.


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